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We are extremely happy to announce that LSD Magazine - Issue Ten 'INCEPTION' is now available for viewing and downloading to all devices. As with all other issues of the magazine we aim high and aim to please the complex mind of our readers. A fusion of energy, colour, texture and poetry from all corners of the world.

Completely Free

Yes it's Free! Can it rival printed journals? Without a doubt this magazine has become a shinning becon in its field. We don't have a budget but that hasn't stopped us from interviewing heavy weights of street art graffiti, the over-ground and underground in the music world. Spirituality explored in all formats, politricks uncovered, poetry from the streets and wise words from wise peoples

The Movement

Street art and graffiti are renegade expressions of creativity that build from outside the barriers of convention and corporate interest. Spraying the concrete cityscape an electric shade of imagination, this roots driven explosion reclaims and transforms public spaces that have been silently hijacked by corporate messages and corrupt aesthetics. Ephemeral to its core, the shifting kaleidoscope of form, idea and colour has injected urban life with visceral identity and transformed the numb experience of the world around us into a profoundly penetrating paradigm. From withering comment to sublime abstractions, it is an indomitable eruption of the human spirit where vivid flows of creativity flood back through our communities. Our world, our questions, our truths


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